In 2024, there are thousands of scheduling apps. Whether it is a Gmail calendar, Outlook planner, or an old fashion daily agenda, keeping track of multiple schedules can be extremely difficult. Coordinating children’s schedules are difficult when your married or living with your partner. Managing those schedules is even more difficult in divorce and separate parenting even if the parties get along. The necessary coordination is even more exacerbated when the parties do not get along. Even in the best scenarios, communication can be strained between parents. After all, they did break-up or get divorced. A common refrain that we hear from clients or opposing parties is “my spouse/co-parent didn’t tell me” about the teacher’s meeting, soccer practice, friend’s birthday party, etc. Another common response we hear is “I didn’t check my texts/email” or “I don’t have access to the calendar/portal”. Whether out of spite, discourtesy or simple forgetfulness, communication problems can lead to bad feeling between the parties. The solution to that problem is a co-parenting app.

Co-parenting apps streamline two critical processes: messaging and scheduling. The apps of course offer much more, but these are the critical selling points to those parties that need to communicate better but struggle to do so. The two “main” apps as of 2024 are Our Family Wizard and AppClose. Many people say that AppClose is the “free” Our Family Wizard. However, the apps are different and worthy of individual investigation for interested (or court ordered) parents. It is worth noting that there is a potential fee waiver for Our Family Wizard for financially strapped parties.

The benefits of these apps are readily apparent. A shared calendar that integrates with your parenting schedule will prevent confusion about necessary appointments as well as provide actual notice to the non-scheduling parent. In addition, it will allow easy rescheduling by mentioning alternatives if the date does not work for the parent. Likewise, messaging creates a secure platform that can track tone and ensure a clear record of communication as opposed to texting and other apps where messages can be lost, edited or deleted. Some of these apps have other features too that include such functions as sharing costs for medical expenses or sports, a journal for a child’s achievements or school requirements, and more.

In sum, a co-parenting app is essential because it makes the parents’ (and children’s) lives considerably easier. It may be that texting is easier and works for certain parents. However, such an investment in an app like this will prevent spending more money and time later when you may be more acrimonious with your ex. If you have questions about parenting through divorce or a separation, contact one of the experienced attorneys at Parnell, Michels & McKay, PLLC. We can provide you with practical parenting advice conjoined with the legal prowess necessary to help you come up with a long-lasting solution in your case.

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