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News From Our Blog

COVID-19 & Finances: Is Bankruptcy For You?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague our country as millions are out of work. Recognizing the monumental task before it to stave off depression, the Federal Government passed the CARES Act. This Act provided various forum of relief, but the most well-known include providing some families with a one-time, tax-free stimulus payment and [...]

Evictions During The COVID-19 State Of Emergency

The COVID-19 pandemic has created very difficult situations for many people. In the context of landlord/tenant relationships, it has created significant concerns among both landlords and tenants about what their rights are. Before the pandemic and emergency orders, evictions were conducted through the process outlined in RSA 540. While this process is still [...]

After Co-Parenting Ends

This blog has frequently discussed the value of good co-parenting. A common problem many couples face following a divorce is how to parent together in different homes. In general, most cases involving parenting time or decisions invokes New Hampshire’s “best interest of the child” legal standard. This particular legal phrase is frequently found [...]

New Statute Makes It Easier To Submit Medical Bills At Trial Saving Valuable Time For Medical Facilities

In an effort to make trials easier, and the burden less on medical providers, Parnell, Michels & McKay’s own Rory Parnell provided substantial input and testimony relative to the new bill known as RSA 516:29-c, which allows medical bills to be submitted without the need to call the keeper of the records or doctors to testify the [...]