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Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

General Litigation and Real Estate Disputes

The attorneys at Parnell, Michels & McKay provide general litigation services for the individual or business seeking a formal dispute resolution. Through our general litigation practice, our attorneys handle a lot of real estate litigation, including landlord/tenant, and are experienced in many types of matters including DUI defense, misdemeanor criminal defense, consumer protection litigation, contract disputes, and home and business problems.

From helping individuals resolve disputes to handling the most complex business litigation, the attorneys of Parnell, Michels & McKay excel at protecting the rights of our clients while minimizing risks in litigation.

The New Hampshire litigation attorneys at Parnell, Michels & McKay will identify your potential claims and/or liabilities and advise you with the appropriate strategy, including actions to take before and after filing a lawsuit, and alternative dispute resolution. Know that we will aggressively represent your interests and strive to obtain the best possible results in the most efficient manner.

How We Can Help

At Parnell, Michels & McKay, PLLC, offer you extensive resources and a long list of services to satisfy the needs of our clients.

  • Our firm brings 40 years of combined experience to our relationships with our clients.
  • The attorneys at Parnell, Michels & McKay, PLLC are committed to helping you face your legal matters head on with honest, straightforward advice and experienced legal representation.
  • We are a results oriented law firm and handle all types of legal disputes.

Our litigation practice includes but is not limited to representation of plaintiffs and defendants in the following areas:

  • DUI defense
  • Misdemeanor criminal defense
  • Breach of contract claims, including sales of real estate
  • Partnership disputes
  • Real estate boundary disputes
  • Easement issues
  • Nondisclosure and trade secret violations
  • Landlord and/or tenant disputes
  • Residential and commercial real estate disputes
  • Loan disputes and lender liability claims, and other similar litigation

At Parnell, Michels & McKay, PLLC, your litigation attorney will serve as your defender, advocate and confidant during a complicated legal matter. Identifying risks and avoiding litigation are central to our practice. Whenever possible, we will pursue negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and other means to attain our client’s desired end result. If such measures do not prove fruitful, we will be prepared to go to court to achieve your goals.

Our Fee Structure

We offer innovative fee arrangements in these areas. They typical fee arrangement is hourly, and a retainer is generally required. Depending on the case, a fee agreement based on a contingency might be available. Additionally, we offer “blended” fee arrangements in very unique cases. Blended fee arrangements are a combination of hourly and contingent fees and may be available in your case.

Start With A Consultation

Our legal team is committed to helping clients in Londonderry and throughout New Hampshire, navigate the legal complexities and get the result they deserve. Our litigation attorneys have a proven track record, and concentrate on understanding your ultimate goals to formulate the best options for achieving them. We give personal attention and listen carefully to each client’s case and are committed to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct, while vigorously and effectively representing our clients’ best interests.

In conclusion, our goal is to minimize the uncertainty of the situation by exploring all options, possibilities and probabilities, and to resolve matters as expeditiously as possible. To arrange a consultation with an experienced litigation attorney, contact us today by calling (603) 434-6331. You can also send us a message or text us through our website.

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