It is with great pleasure that I write a recommendation and review for Attorney Cathy Mckay. I first met Attorney Mckay in the summer of 2021. I was previously working with another attorney and they abruptly left the family law practice. Attorney Mckay was more than happy and willing to take on my case, knowing the difficulty of my divorce. She is very knowledgeable of her profession and the law, gives her professional / legal advice, and she is also very personable and gets to know her clients. She was always there to listen to what I wanted and what I thought was in the best interest of my son with regards to a parenting plan, but she also gave me the legality and “hard truth” of what a judge would most likely rule on. I very much appreciated this along with all of the other wonderful advice and support that Attorney Mckay shared with me throughout our time working together. With this, I would highly recommend hiring Attorney Mckay for counsel for your family court case.