Had an appt. for a family law matter with attorney McKay, was told of the retainer amount, and so forth. Was unable to pay and that time, but when I called back when I could, set up and appt. Got a call 4 days later saying they cannot keep my appointment due a “conflict”. So I said, “A scheduling conflict”? and she repeated it was a “conflict”. I asked if I could reschedule, and while at a loss for words said “Attorney McKay cannot continue with you due to a conflict and I have been instructed not to provide any other information” !!!

I said “You can’t even tell me what the “conflict” is?”, and she said she was not allowed to.
I told her how unprofessional this was, especially being denied services AFTER they initially accepted, and not even told the reason.
I see the other reviews, and at least most of you had a LOT better luck than I have with them.

Good luck if you’re hiring these people.

Response from the owner a year ago

We are sorry we are unable to assist you. Professional obligations do not allow us to respond as we would wish.