We are proud to announce that Catherine P. McKay has been named the 2016 John Cameron Memorial Award winner for her service towards the development of Collaborative law in New Hampshire. This award is given annually to the individual who best represents and moves forward the goals and ideals of collaborative law.
The late John Cameron was once quoted by Attorney McKay as having a “collaborative heart”. He, like Catherine McKay, recognized the benefit of keeping legal disputes out of Court and allowing parties to obtain their own relief by working together. This takes the focus off of litigation and the negativity that can accompany it and instead focuses on a more progressive approach to legal problem-solving.
Collaborative law is an ideal option in family law and has been a service offered by Parnell, Michels & McKay for many years. Attorney McKay is happy to continue her work in the collaborative law field and continues to be a pioneer in New Hampshire for the Collaborative Law Alliance.

If you are interested in collaborative law, please contact us to see whether it can be a fit for you.