Most injury cases that are handled by personal injury lawyers are auto accident cases. Auto accidents are by far the most common, as driving a car comes with significant inherent risks. However, there are many other types of cases like slip and falls, trip and falls, dog bites, and other incidents that lead to injuries.

While we have addressed slip and falls and our strategy in approaching them, the trip and fall case is often confused with a slip and fall. A trip and fall generally come as a result of some unknown invisible object that causes a person to trip and fall, or dangerously constructed stairway or walkway. In order to properly handle such cases, it is very important to first focus on building codes. This involves a very specific way of discovering the date the building where the incident was built, the date any modifications were approved, and the building codes in effect at the time of the fall. Other factors to look at include site views, pictures of the scene of the fall, and checking out whether past injuries have occurred there.

Another type of premises liability case we handle is mold exposure injuries. It is rare that mold exposure gets so bad as to cause physical injury, but it does happen and the injuries can be severe. The most important things to focus on in-mold exposure cases is the source of the exposure, and documenting that any injuries or illness from the mold are accounted for in the victim’s medical records. These are notoriously difficult cases, so professional representation is always recommended.

At Parnell, Michels & McKay, we handle all forms of personal injury cases. Often, we are required to use our extensive combined experience to pursue these claims in an efficient and knowledgeable manner. It is important that if you find yourself experienced counsel to handle your injury cases, so contact us today and put our advanced knowledge to use.