While you or your attorneys are gathering information about your claim, there may be many terms you are unfamiliar with. You may have heard of the Freedom of Information Act in the news, but be wondering how it relates to your case. What is the Freedom of Information Act, when is it used, and why is it relevant to your personal injury case?

The Freedom of Information Act is a law representing a compromise between the State’s interest in keeping its activities confidential and the public’s right to know what the State is up to. In New Hampshire, this is known as the Right to Know law under RSA 91-A. All government records are subject to the Right to Know Law, with certain exceptions such as records being used in an active criminal investigation. While the Right to Know law and Freedom of Information Act gives the public legal access to these records, navigating the process can be tricky, with many pitfalls for the unwary. The attorneys at Parnell, Michels & McKay make this process simple and will assist in gathering records to prove your claim.

These government records are often significant pieces of evidence in personal injury, worker’s compensation, and similar claims. Government records such as records of salt and sand application on highways and prior safety inspections of businesses can be the cornerstone of motor vehicle accident or slip and fall claims. These kinds of records can show a failure to perform a duty or rule out other possibilities. If you have been injured, contact the team of experienced personal injury attorneys at Parnell, Michels & McKay to investigate your claim.

If you need advice about what the best way forward is after you have been injured at work, contact our team of worker’s compensation attorneys today.

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