Jessica’s Law has been the law of New Hampshire for about fifteen (15) years now. It is a law that requires the clearing of ice and snow off the top of a vehicle prior to driving it. The basis of the law was a tragic accident that claimed the life of Jessica Smith in 1999. A piece of ice about nine (9) feet long flew off of a tractor-trailer, smashing into a box truck that veered into Jessica’s vehicle killing her. The accident in Peterborough is not long forgotten by her parents, as Jessica would be thirty-nine (39) years old coming up.
However, we find that driving around that many people still do not clear their entire cars. We understand what it is like to be rushed in the morning, cold, freezing, and not wanting to clear off the top of your SUV or truck. Still, the consequences are dire. If the ice on the top of your roof comes off and kills someone, you are going to think long and hard about whether that extra five minutes you saved were worth it. Obviously, nothing is worth losing a life over, especially not clearing your car off. We typically suggest a “snow broom” in lieu of an ice scraper, as a broom is longer and can reach the top of any vehicle no matter how tall or short you are. No matter what, as fellow drivers in New Hampshire, we ask that you take that extra few minutes to clear off your vehicle and make it safer for those around you.
There are many ways someone can injure another through negligence. Failing to clear your car off and causing an injury as a result of the flying ice is just one of the many ways laziness can cause someone to be hurt unnecessarily. However, the lawyers at Parnell, Michels & McKay can help you try to get your life back on track if you are injured.

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