PMM Law is excited to announce that David Stamatis will be spearheading the opening our Appellate Law Division. At PMM law we will be able to take on appeals of most types of cases in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, we have one appellate division of the Courts called the New Hampshire Supreme Courts. Typically, appeals involve issues of law decided at the lower court level that may have been decided incorrectly. Appeals are difficult and time consuming, and almost always require the assistance of experienced counsel.

David is a former UNH Law grad, and Daniel Webster Scholar. David has been responsible for supervising and reviewing complex issues of law already, and is now moving part of his practice to handle most types of appeals.

At PMM law we are excited to open this new division to continue to provide top level legal services to our clients. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients throughout New Hampshire in the appellate law field. If you need help with an appeal, contact our appellate division today.