Today is New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary for the presidential election. This primary has been a jumping-off point for the presidential election each year and is an important event both from a national perspective, but also from a state perspective. New Hampshire can often surprise the nation in these primaries in terms of who ultimately wins, but the tradition is an important one for our state.

It is an important part of any citizen’s duty to vote in this country. At Parnell, Michels & McKay we always encourage community involvement and have a passion for our local community. Voting is just one of the many ways you can go out and be involved in your community and have your voice heard.

Moreover, voting is part of our national fabric and everyone having an equal voice is something the founding fathers of our country were proud of. So, no matter when you do it, if you are eligible to vote, get out and vote today and do your civic duty and vote!

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