In an effort to make trials easier, and the burden less on medical providers, Parnell, Michels & McKay’s own Rory Parnell provided substantial input and testimony relative to the new bill known as RSA 516:29-c, which allows medical bills to be submitted without the need to call the keeper of the records or doctors to testify the records are accurate.
This effort was made primarily to make it easier for medical providers to submit bills and not subject their office manager, record keepers, or managing doctors to be forced to testify by insurance defense counsel to submit simple medical bills. While this is allowed for all cases where the medical bills are lower than $25,000, it is an important step for lessening the burden on local medical providers and their staff.
This also benefits normal working folks who are injured due to no fault of their own in keeping trial costs down and making it easier to try a case. This also reduces court time and allows courts and juries to focus on important issues in cases.
While the insurance industry was not supportive of the idea, there were various attorneys who practice insurance defense who recognized the efficiency of this new statute. Moreover, many medical providers were in support of the bill, which allowed them to focus on the treatment of their patients.

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