Most injury cases handled by personal injury attorneys are auto accident cases and slip or trip and falls. Auto accidents are by far the most common, as driving a car comes with significant inherent risks. The same can be said for riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, and the injuries from these accidents can be devastating. However, there are many other types of cases like slip and falls, trip and falls, dog bites, and other incidents that lead to injuries. One of these types of cases are product liability cases.

This is a situation where something you bought doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, and a person is injured as a result. Product liability generally includes three types of cases. A defect in the design of the product itself; a defect in created in the manufacturing of the product; and/or a defect in the warning on the product. A design defect is where the design itself of the product is problematic. This is a situation where a product is designed by a company, and the design itself was not properly done and can cause injuries to its user. A manufacturing defect is where the design is acceptable, but during manufacturing something went wrong and the product was faulty. This could be a situation where a product was made out of metal, but when it was manufactured it wasn’t made properly and as a result makes the user more prone to injuries. The final type includes a failure to warn the person properly of the dangerousness of the product itself. This is usually a situation where there is no warning label about how the product may cause injury if used in a particular way. Safety warnings are supposed to include warnings regarding how a product is supposed to be used. The most common example of this case was the famous McDonald’s coffee case. While easy to understand in the abstract, these can be difficult cases to prove, so professional representation is always recommended.

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