Can I get workers’ compensation coverage when I am assaulted by a magical elf at work?

So, you are a Bokoblin Security Guard for Ganon Security Solutions and you were attacked by a blonde haired blue tunic wearing guy with a sword: Are your injuries covered by workers’ compensation?

You are Bobthe Bokoblin, and have been working with Ganon Security Solutions for around two years. The benefits are great, the hours are reasonable, and the work is not too demanding. When you were hired, you was assigned to the Hyrule Castle division of Ganon Security Solutions. On May 12th, you came to your regular shift which was standing watch at the Southwest Castle Grounds. Everything was normal until you noticed something peculiar gliding in the sky. You thought nothing was too out of the ordinary until your coworker, Barry the Bokoblin, yelled out in a panic. How could you have known that your life was about to change forever? At that moment, a young man with blonde hair and a blue (or green?) tunic and a glowing sword with a peculiar triangle shape charged your friend Barry. This man (elf?) then turned to you and used gravity defying magic to throw you over the side of the wall. You landed hard, and sustained terrible injuries. Your doctors are saying you need life altering surgery and will have a permanent disability. Your injuries are keeping you from working, your medical bills are piling up, and you don’t know what to do!

At Parnell, Michels & McKay, we have experienced Worker’s Compensation Attorneys to assist with any work injuries. Please allow us to explain why this situation should be covered by worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation provides benefits for medical bills, lost wages, and any permanent impairment an employee suffers in a work-related injury. In your situation, your employment with Ganon Security Solutions required you to stand guard at Hyrule Castle. Because you were hurt in the scope of your employment while at work, worker’s compensation benefits are be available to you. Even though the injury was caused by the young man with the sword, worker’s compensation benefits are still available so long as no employee misconduct occurred and the injury occurred within the scope of your employment. Worker’s compensation does not have a specific exemption for injuries caused by a third party while the employee is at work. Worker’s compensation carriers sometimes deny claims for benefits for a variety of reasons, such as lack of relation to work, or for unnecessary and unreasonable treatment. In these situations, it may be helpful to work with a worker’s compensation attorney to get benefits you are entitled to and to maximize your results. In this situation, you are working on the security team, and it is within the scope of your employment to deal with someone that may assault you. As such, your case is going to be covered by workers’ compensation.

At Parnell, Michels & McKay, we take each case seriously, and while this example may discuss a certain popular video game release today, the facts help show how workers’ compensation can even be awarded to Bob the Bokoblin in this situation.

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